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Bankruptcy 101: What Chapter is Right for Me?

Posted on : October 6, 2018, By:  D.C. Higginbotham

Your lawyer is one of the best advocates for you throughout the bankruptcy process, and this same person is likely to give you all the key information you need before making your official filing decision. Some types of bankruptcy are not right for certain people. You have a choice in determining which chapter of the… Read More »

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Are Fewer Young People Filing for Bankruptcy?

Posted on : September 5, 2018, By:  D.C. Higginbotham

A new study shows that younger people are less likely to consider bankruptcy than in recent years, which is most likely an indication of the conclusion of the great recession. However, there is also ample evidence that millennials and their slightly older counterparts have significant credit card and student loan debt. In fact, plenty of… Read More »

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Study Shows That Bankruptcy Surges Among Older Americans

Posted on : August 8, 2018, By:  D.C. Higginbotham

Any person can find themselves in a difficult financial situation that causes them to ponder the prospect of bankruptcy, but according to a recent study, bankruptcy has boomed among older Americans, which some believe is too little too late for the type of support that bankruptcy provides. Traditional ideas in retirement, according to a recent… Read More »

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Waiting to File for Bankruptcy Can Be More Damaging

Posted on : July 2, 2018, By:  D.C. Higginbotham

Many people who end up filing for bankruptcy have put themselves in a much worse financial situation than they would have if they had scheduled a consultation with an attorney. A 2018 law review study found that the longer people wait to file for bankruptcy, the more they struggle. The time that a person waits… Read More »

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Study Shows That the Neighbors of Lottery Winners May Have a Higher Chance of Going Bankrupt

Posted on : June 5, 2018, By:  D.C. Higginbotham

  No matter how you end up with the financial situation that is causing you to think about bankruptcy, it’s important to retain an attorney right away. Many people experience a sudden job loss or a medical emergency that drains your savings immediately, you should consider talking to a bankruptcy lawyer about your options. While… Read More »

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